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Demolition Manager

The CCDO Smart Card scheme offers a logical pathway from Apprentice to Manager. Exclusively issued by NDTG, the CCDO Smart Card scheme is respected industry-wide, independently recognised and endorsed. Many major developers and local authorities who commission demolition projects demand a CCDO carded workforce. NDTG makes quality CCDO training accessible for any demolition company operating in the UK today

The CCDO Demolition Manager Card is the most senior card available under the CCDO card scheme. After a 5 day course (usually spread over 5 weeks) holders will be qualified to take on the full responsibility of a demolition project, from Client and Surveyor Liaison to regular communication with supervisors about the running of the site. Managers must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience to qualify for the 5-day course. The red card is valid for 3 years and is non-renewable. Red cardholders must complete NVQ Level 6 within the 3-year timeframe to convert the card to a fully qualified Black Managers card.


Liaison with the client's team.
Liaison with the work team.

Preparation, review and implementation of RAMS.

Liaise with surveyors, engineers, other trades and third party stakeholders.

Regular communication with supervisors.
Implementation of HSQE systems.

Red Demolition Manager



Must have held the 5 Year CCDO Demolition Supervisor card. Direct entry if operative has a minimum of 5 years verified demolition industry experience. To obtain a Demolition Supervisor card, you must meet all the pre-requisites for that card, have completed the 5-day course and passed NVQ Level 3+ or Level 4.

HSE Test

Managers & Professional's (MAP) HSE Test Pass.

Previous Asbestos Training

You must hold a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate (as a minimum). Other higher level Asbestos Training will be accepted. You can only obtain your Asbestos Awareness Certificate through NDTG, UKATA, ARCA, or ACAD (not E-Learning).


You can complete the 5 day CCDO Demolition Manager course at NDTG venues nationwide