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Demolition Topman Card

The CCDO Smart Card scheme offers a logical pathway from Apprentice to Manager. Exclusively issued by NDTG, the CCDO Smart Card scheme is respected industry-wide, independently recognised and endorsed. Many major developers and local authorities who commission demolition projects demand a CCDO carded workforce. NDTG makes quality CCDO training accessible for any demolition company operating in the UK today

The CCDO Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) card qualifies individuals in the demolition of structural elements including operation of relevant tools, interpretation of drawings and structural hotworks. Individuals will need to pass the Level 3 Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) NVQ in order to hold this card. The blue card is valid for 5 years and is renewable.

card valid for 5 years. This card is renewable


Demolition including structural elements.

Operation of work tools.

Implementation of work in accordance with RAMS.
Structural hot works.

Interpretation of drawings/instructions.
Reporting variations to RAMS.

Blue Advanced Demolition Operative(Topman)



Must hold the red CCDO Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) Card and achieve the Level 3 Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) NVQ.

HSE Test

Current Demolition Specialist or above Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Touchscreen Test Pass.

Previous Asbestos Trainings

You must hold a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate (as a minimum). Other higher level Asbestos Training will be accepted. You can only obtain your Asbestos Awareness Certificate through NDTG, UKATA, ARCA, or ACAD (not E-Learning).


Achieved Level 2 Demolition Operative NVQ. There are 4 mandatory units: VR 641v2 VR642v1 VR643v1 VR154v3 and 1 optional unit you must pick out of the 4 choices: VR155v3 VR156v3 VR157v3 VR158v3.