Marvel Trainings

We have an area specifically designed for monitoring applicant progress and performance*

Marvel Trainings offers online booking and payment with customer service by phone/email. They're a UK-based training provider known for quality and customer satisfaction. They provide personalized service through dedicated account managers and have a user-friendly website for easy booking of construction-related training and certifications. Marvel Trainings provide effective courses for passing CITB exams and acquiring Construction Industry Cards for UK construction jobs. These courses produce skilled workers. Sorry, there is no text provided for me to shorten. Please provide the text you want me to shorten.

We offer monthly progress reports for partner companies to track staff progress and motivate fast progression. Regular supervision and team meetings discussing course progress motivate students to improve.

We employ assessors nationwide to observe our learners in their workplaces across the UK.

Our competent and experienced assessors provide regular and supportive guidance throughout the course.

Our IQA supervises all coursework, ensuring assessors and verifiers meet the standards.

Learners can also seek their help.